Jewelry care


Your jewelry are handmade from 925 Sterling silver. Kindly follow these tips to best keep and care for your jewelry.

Silver jewelry: Wear it at all times, also in contact with water. Just remember to take them off when you're in contact with chemical products or beauty products. The more the silver jewelry are worn, the shinier it will look.

Oxidized jewelry: The black layer on the oxidized jewelry is only a surface treatment and will fade with wear. We advice you to remove your oxidized jewelry when in contact with water, chemical products or beauty products. Contact us if you wish to re-oxidize your jewelry, we do it for free in the studio.

Wear: Remember to remove rings when carrying heavy objects. Do not yank or pull on the chain of necklaces and keep the chain untangled while in storage. When putting on sweaters, scarves, going through pockets, etc. we recommend that you pay attention to your jewelry to avoid the shapes or claw settings from getting caught on anything.

Storage: The most important thing to remember is to keep each piece of jewelry separated and stored in the box provided when not in use. 

A little tip: To brighten up your jewelry in a minute, pour hot water and dish washing soap in a small glass container, scurb it lightly with a soft brush, rinse with water and dry off with soft tissue paper.



The jewelry comes with a 1 year guarantee against any production defects.

Please note that general wear and tear, incorrect storage, missing stones, misuse and scratches are not covered under the guarantee.

If the break is your own fault, do know that
we will do our best to assist you. In most cases we will be able to repair your jewelry reasonable repair fee. We also offer polishing, resizing, and prong tightening on any SWY products.