What our customers say

Carween M., Vancouver, Canada

Carween's SWY jewelry collection:
Quartz claw ascent earring, Cage ring, Chain earring, Vessel necklace, Minimal 4 piece earring set, Cage earring, Tourmaline claw earring (petite), Bone ring, Quartz claw earrings (petite), Line bracelet, Caged crystal earrings (petit), Simple band ear cuff, Tourmaline claw earring, Caged ear cuff (petit)

"Wearing all SWY jewelry, who I am a big fan of for very long time! Renathe, the creative mastermind/craftsman/customer support/owner of SWY is lovely and really listens to her customers. It's reasons like these that I keep coming back for more - and of course because her jewelry is both classy and kick ass."

Lauren F., London, United Kingdom

Lauren's SWY jewelry collection:
Tourmaline claw ascent earring, Uneven line earrings, a custom made ring, Cage earring, Simple ring

"I first happened upon SWY on Pinterest, when the minimalist aesthetic of one of Renathe’s ‘coveted’ mood boards caught my eye. I immediately loved the edgy simplicity of all the SWY pieces and have been stalking R on Instagram ever since ;)

The customer service is second to none; R even lets you know the exact day she’ll be making your order! I now have a growing collection of SWY, including a custom commissioned ring that R couldn’t have been more helpful with. The designs are beautiful - I love all my SWY jewellery - but it’s Renathe’s personal touch that really makes SWY super special!"

Eleanor T., London, United Kingdom

Eleanor's SWY Jewelry collection:
Minimal 4 piece earring set, Simple band ear cuff, Minimal mix & match Triangular earrings

"I have to say I cannot stop raving about you and your jewellery! The jewellery itself is beautiful and I absolutely love everything, it fits perfectly.

I also wanted to say how much I appreciated having the personal updates as you were making and dispatching the jewellery. I have bought things from other jewellery designers/makers and had my emails not replied to for weeks so it was so wonderful to have the updates from you without even having to ask!

Thank you for the wonderful service and jewellery... I've already got my eye on more!"

Melanie S., Los Angeles, United States

Melanie's SWY jewelry collection:
Minimal 4 piece earring set, Quartz claw earrings, Lock earrings, Triangle ring

"Before ordering from SWY I was concerned about my allergy to certain metals. I’ve never been able to wear much jewelry my whole life because it would always result in a painful allergic reaction. I e-mailed Renathe and she assured me I wouldn’t have a problem with her jewelry. Sure enough, I can wear her earrings for days on end without any problems!

I can’t say enough good things about SWY. I recommend to anyone and everyone because I’ve experienced consistently wonderful customer service and stunning products."

Agnes H., Vienna, Austria

Agnes' SWY jewelry collection:
Lock ring, Simple band ear cuff, Lock necklace, Minimal mix & match ear cuff

"I love the jewellery and wore them almost everyday since I've received them :). My experience with shopping your jewellery was both times very well. You wrote back very quickly to my request of changing the size and the whole process felt very personal with the picture from the workbench and I liked it a lot and told my friends and family about it."

Victoria M., Glasgow, Scotland

Victoria's SWY jewelry collection:
Minimal ear cuff, Grey tote bag, Black totebag, custom made engagement ring

"I wanted to reach out to you to once again say thank you so much for the beautiful ring you made for my engagement. Ross created the most special day for me and when I saw the ring I immediately knew that it had be designed by yourself, and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s absolutely perfect in every way and I cannot express how over the moon I am with it.

I just wanted to send you to this message to say that your work is beautiful and brings a lot of happiness."

Jennifer D, Toronto, Canada

Jennifer's SWY jewelry collection:
Quartz claw ring

"I've been a fan of your work for years now- always admiring the beauty and simplicity of your craft. It's very humbling to have received a ring handcrafted by you, a designer I adore, from someone I love very dearly. Your communication with Chloe throughout this process has been so kind and helpful, and we both thank you graciously for that. The ring fits beautifully."

Emilia W., Helsinki, Finland

Emilia's SWY jewelry collection:
Triangle ring, Set of 3 Simple rings, Lock ring, Minimal mix & match ear cuff and custom made engagement ring

"I found out about SWY quite randomly through a blog. I fell in love with the minimalistic style and after browsing the website was craving for one of the rings: Triangle ring. I didn’t buy it though but I got it as a present from my boyfriend couple of months after. I wore the ring every single day and totally loved it. One year ago I visited Copenhagen and decided to contact Renathe for the purpose of visiting her studio and taking measurements of my fingers. I did it and after a week or so I was a happy owner of a set of 3 simple rings, a lock ring and happy that I met Renathe who is an amazing and such a talented person! I was so excited that I spoke to my boyfriend many times about my visit at the studio. Then… Few months after that I was in Copenhagen again and my boyfriend surprised me by proposing me. He had contacted Renathe and ordered a custom made engagement ring which he designed and Renathe made. I think my ring is the most beautiful ring in the planet and there is a great story behind it. My boyfriend’s engagement ring is also from SWY collection.

I have never been a big fan of jewelry but since I’ve figured about SWY I have to say that now I am. I wear my rings and tote bag every single day and it feels weird if I don’t have them on. I love my jewelry because they fit to my every outfit, are stylish and timeless."