Our Story

The story of StillWithYou is a story of coincidence, luck and determination. In that order.

A story of coincidence:
In December 2010, Renathe started making jewelry for herself, working mainly with raw crystals. She soon got requests from people wanting to buy the jewelry, so she opened up a webshop.

A story of luck:
Within July 2011 the little webshop had customers all around the world, and by the summer of 2012 StillWithYou had outgrown Renathe's livingroom and moved into a studio in an old industrial shipyard at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

And then it’s a story of determination:
During the winter of 2012 she started training with a traditional Russian goldsmith. After a year of continuous learning by trial and error at the workbench in her studio, the first collection of silver jewelry launched in February 2013.

The sum of coincidence, luck and determination has taken us to where StillWithYou is today — one Norwegian making jewelry in Copenhagen, jewelry that are now worn in over 30 countries all over the world.

Our Philosophy

Jewelry is that one detail that sets you apart from the rest. SWY jewelry are made to be stacked, layered and mixed as you wish. Our purpose is to make it simple to add that personal detail, and inspire you to set yourself apart.

One piece of SWY jewelry will always match any other. Each piece can be worn on its own, combined with other pieces and mixed across collections. It’s up to you to create your own personal jewelry collection.

Our focus is longevity, both in style and quality. We work unaffected by trends and seasons, and we only make jewelry we would love to wear ourselves. The jewelry are made to become staple pieces in your wardrobe- jewelry you return to, keep and care for. Jewelry that doesn’t demand time or effort to wear.

There is a certain look, feeling and story in something handmade, that machines can never replicate. We invest time and care into each piece, to ensure that our customers receives unique pieces of jewelry and knows how the jewelry was made, where and by whom

We have carefully chosen who we work with and do business with, right down from silver materials to shipping supplies. All of our business partners and suppliers are based within Europe. And those companies are either small, local or businesses started by female entrepreneurs. Preferably all three.